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If you want to enjoy thrill, fun, and excitement together in a game, then you should try playing an action game. An action game will take you in the dynamics of intense combat, strategic thinking, unending excitement, and quick reflexes to keep the action alive. Let’s get introduced to an amazing action game mixed with arcade style, Zooba APK. 

NameZooba MOD APK
DeveloperWildlife Studios
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Size203 MB
MOD InfoAll Characters Unlocked
Updated On20 November 2023

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What is Zooba APK?

For all the players who love animals and action, Zooba APK is the best choice for them. It is filled with a lot of action and thrill. It is not just an ordinary game. Zooba APK is a multiplayer game that involves the battle between animals, portraying the theme of jungle combat. You can use animals with distinctive characteristics against your enemies in battle. 

Wildlife Studios developed this game, and it can be played by people aged 12 or above. The good thing is that this game is available for both Android and iOS users. The audience of this game is not limited. Like Dawn Of Zombies Survival MOD APK, it is played globally.

What is Zooba Mod APK ?

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To elevate the user experience, we have developed the Zooba Mod APK version. It has all the premium features unlocked, and you don’t have a single penny to use any feature. If you are the one who is an action game lover, then you can also try our Zombie Catchers MOD APK


Zooba mod apk

Diverse Range of Characters

The theme of this game revolves around a zoo, and there is no zoo with 2,3 animals. Just like that, in Zooba APK, you will meet with a diverse range of characters that are going to rule the game with their distinctive abilities. From Ollie the Owl to Molly the Giraffe, each character offers a specific range of abilities that can be used on the battlefield.  Unlock the characters and use them according to the situation on the battlefield. 

Progressive Leveling System

This game is not stuck at one stage or one level only. As you move forward and win battles, the game progresses to the next level. Every new level has more competition and challenges than the previous one. It brings interest to the game. After the completion of every level, you get new abilities or characters unlocked.

Multiplayer Game

Zooba APK allows you to play with other players or engage in battles with them. You can team up with your friends or other players from all around the world and fight battles in teams. You can play alone or with your teammates to become the undefeatable power.

Seasonal Events and Rewards

Regular game challenges may become boring for the players. Zooba APK keeps bringing new seasonal events and rewards that engage the users. You can also win incredible new rewards by taking part and winning the seasonal events. Completing these challenges will also take you to the top of the leaderboard.

Splendid Gaming Interface

The interface of the game is user-friendly and eye-pleasing. The visuals, controls, sound effects, and animals are built with such details that players can’t stop themselves from immersing in this exciting game.

Customizable Characters

Zooba mod apk

Players already have an option of a wide range of characters, but the Zooba APK doesn’t limit the players here. You can now customize the characters according to your preferences. The abilities of all the characters can be customized. If you like the character and want to update its abilities, try using this feature and add a unique touch to the game.

Arsenal of Weapons

The abilities of the characters are not enough to dominate the battlefield. You need weapons to kill your enemy like you experienced in GTA SA Cleo MOD APK. Zooba APK has a vast range of weapons that you can collect and upgrade later. You can use this weapon during the battle. Weapons like sniper rifles and shotguns are according to the style of every player.  You can try different weapons and then choose the best one for you.

Splendid Visual Effects

The visuals of this game are of high quality and eye-catching. Every detail is on point. The gameplay, animals, and all the weapons are built like to give a realistic visual. The environment of the jungle is designed so well that it adds to the immersive experience of the players. 

Collection of Rewards

When you win the battles or complete the in-game challenges, you get a variety of new rewards. These rewards may be a new character, any ability, or a new weapon. You can collect these rewards and upgrade yourself in the game using these rewards.

Competitive Leaderboards

Some people like to compete. For such people, Zooba APK has introduced competitive leaderboards. You can reach the top of the leaderboard by defeating your enemies using your skills. The competition fosters the winning spirit in the players to secure the top position on the leaderboard. 

Mod Features

Mod Menu

Zooba mod apk

Zooba Mod APK has introduced the mod menu so you can get the command over the gameplay easily. It gives players the privilege to navigate through all the options under one main section. You can have easy access to all the unlimited resources. Mod menu elevates the experience of players. 

Unlimited Money and Gems

A zoo full of animals and actively involved in combat needs many premium features to excel on the battlefield. Unfortunately, many items require in-game money and gems to use them. You can get money and gems by winning battles or taking part in events. However, the amount of money will be limited, and you will not be able to get all of your favorite items. But in Zooba MOD APK, you will get unlimited money and gems.

Free of Ads

Zooba APK is an online game, so many ads pop up when you are completely immersed in the battlefield. It can be very annoying. Zooba MOD APK facilitates the players with a no-ads mod version. You will get rid of ads by downloading our mod version.

Unlimited Ammo

To fight the battles against your rivals, you need unlimited ammo. Ammo helps you always to be full of your firepower. Suppose you want to dominate your rivals with your relentless firefights. In that case, you should download our Zooba Mod APK  With this modded version, you will get unlimited ammo to master your aiming skills to get over your enemies. An intense battlefield is waiting to experience your dominance and victory. 

Unlimited Shots

Zooba APK is based on fighting with your rivals and getting the edge on them, but the problem arises when you run out of shots. Imagine being close to winning, and you have no more shots left to defeat your enemies. No one wants to experience such an upsetting moment. To get unlimited shots, you can download the mod version from our website. You don’t need to limit yourself anymore.

Unlimited Skills

In an action game, you need some high-level skills to beat your enemies in the field. Your skills include your strategic tactics and your characters’ abilities. The Zooba Mod APK offers various unlimited skills for your characters to boost your chances of winning. This feature could be game-altering for you, as it empowers you with the skills your character lacks. 

All Characters Unlocked

As you know, this game is filled with a vast number of characters. You have to wait for the level completion to get the characters unlocked in the simple version. But with our Zooba Mod APK, you will get all the characters unlocked. You can explore the abilities of different characters and then use them according to your combat preference. Choose the character wisely and use its ability strategically to dominate the battlefield.

Free Shopping

Zooba APK is full of exciting game-changing items, but you need money to buy them. If you want to enjoy a free in-game shopping experience, then don’t think too much and download the Zooba Mod APK. This mod feature allows you to explore the best items for you to experience a thrilling, winning adventure. It’s time to say goodbye to limited resources and say hello to the free shopping arena. 

How to install it?

To install the mod version, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • All the Bugs in this game are fixed. 
  • As Halloween is around the corner, the Halloween Arena is back.
  • You can now explore for new Halloween skin. 
  • You can use new emotes to express yourself.
  • The Fuzzy Primal is fixed. 


The size of Zooba APK is 203 MB.

No, Zooba APK is not an offline game. It is a multiplayer game, so you need an internet connection to play this game.

Yes, you can get Zooba Mod APK for free from our website. 

Yes, it’s completely safe to use our Zooba MOD APK.

Yes, our Zooba MOD APK contains all the premium features for free. 


A thrilling game, Zooba APK brings a multiplayer online battle option for you. This game is fast-paced and has a diverse range of characters with unique abilities, all representing different animals and engaging in intense battles. The splendid interface, high-quality visuals, and customization features make this game more dynamic for the players. 

If you want to experience the taste of premium features, then you should try downloading our Zooba MOD APK by clicking the download button given below.

5/5 (1 Votes)
5/5 (1 Votes)