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Do you want to turn your dull photo into a stunning one? You need reliable photo editing software. People who love photography with their smartphones should have a photo editor on their smartphones. Different photo editors are available on the internet with different features. A photo editor that is very popular nowadays is Lightroom MOD APK. It has a range of unique benefits and features that make it the best choice for photographers. 

NameLightroom MOD APK
RequiresAndroid 5.0 +
Size124 MB
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Updated On22 November 2023
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The apps presented by Adobe are all times favorites among the users. No other can compete with the features that they provide. Users get more possibilities and features if they install the modded version. In this article, we will explore the world of Lightroom MOD APK through its features and the easy way to install it.

What Is Lightroom APK?

Lightroom APK is a product of Adobe used for photo editing. It provides a personalized environment where you can perform different actions to edit your photos. The trend of photography is gaining interest, and individuals want to capture and edit their photos effectively.

Lightroom provides different options for the convenience of the users. The app’s user interface will help you even if you do not know much about photo editing. There are different ready-to-use presets available for the users. If you want to add filters to your photo, the Lightroom provides many effects and filters. You can choose anyone to apply on your picture.

What Is Lightroom MOD APK?

Lightroom is an editing application that is available for free to install and edit your photos. However, this regular version has some limitations in the editing. Several options are locked in the normal version, and you must buy them with money. It can be uncomfortable for some users. Lightroom MOD APK is available on our website to resolve all the problems.

It is the modified version of the app and has much more features. All the premium features get unlocked in it. You can edit your pictures with more possibilities. There are limited filters and presets available in the simple Lightroom. However, the MOD version provides a wide collection of filters, effects, and presets. Moreover, it has no watermark and ads-free features that make you feel like a professional photo editor.

Features Of Lightroom APK

If you have tried this amazing app, you will be aware of Lightroom’s great features. But if you are going to use it for the first time, the following discussed features will encourage you. These features will help you to use the app more effectively. 

Lightroom MOD APK

Powerful Editor

If you love to edit your photos on your mobile phone using an editor like Picsart MOD APK, you must try the Lightroom APK for more options. It allows you to edit your photos whenever and wherever you want. It is like your portable mobile studio that can fit in your pocket. Import the image from the gallery you are interested in editing. The app will provide different options, from simple to advanced adjustments. 

There are different adjustment sliders available in the editor. You can tap and drag the different sliders to adjust the colors, brightness, shadow, contrast, clarity, saturation, exposure, temperature, and more. You can try different values for all these settings and choose one that suits your image.

Asset Store

The Asset Store of Lightroom is the unique feature that distinguishes it from other editors. You can store your original photos in the Adobe Cloud. This makes it easy to share photos with others. By using the cloud storing feature of the game, you can get rid of the storage problem of your Android device. It lets you get your photos easily whenever and wherever you need it. 

Camera App

Do you love to capture photos by yourself? Lightroom MOD APK provides the camera option within the app. The camera is much more advanced than the ordinary camera. It provides more useful options that you can use while capturing photos. You will feel like a professional photographer by using the in-app camera. You will be able to get HD-quality photos. 

Advanced photography options, including exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, auto and manual focus, and many others, are available in the app to improve your photography skills. The camera of Lightroom APK also provides a High Dynamic Mode (HDR) option. You can use it for better photos.

Simple Layout

People prefer an editor that is simple and easy to use. The simplicity of the app affects the audience. Lightroom MOD APK is an editor that prefers the convenience of the users. It has a very simple layout that is user-friendly for each one. If you are downloading the Lightroom premium version app into your Android device for the first time,  you will see that all the controls are easy to understand. 

The easy-to-operate feature of Lightroom encourages more people of different skill levels to enjoy photo editing easily.

Filters And Presets

Now, the editing has become more simple and easy due to the ready-to-use presets. Lightroom provides different presets that you can use on your photos. You need to import your desired photo and click on the preset. The photo will be edited in a few seconds. Besides presets, there are different effects and filters available for the users.

The filters and presets save you time and provide an attractive photo look. You can download the Lightroom premium version app for Android from our website and enjoy all these presets and filters. 

MOD Features Of Lightroom APK

You have only access to the limited items, filters, and presets in the simple version of the app. People prefer a mod version because it has all the premium features unlocked. You will get the following premium features for free in the Lightroom MOD APK.

Lightroom MOD APK

2500+ Presets Available

People who use the simple version of the Lightroom can access only a few presets. Other advanced and more effective are locked and need money to unlock. But now you don’t need to pay anything for the presets. The Lightroom MOD APK provides users with a huge bundle of presets. You will get about more than 2500 presets. 

This provides more flexibility in the editing as you have more options to use. You can try different presets on your photo to get the required one. Install the Lightroom premium version from the Download button to get all these presets freely.

 Download Without Watermark

The watermark on the edited photo destroys the look of the photo. The photos do not look professional with the watermark. If you don’t have a premium subscription to the simple version, you get watermarks on images. If you want to get rid of the uncomfortable watermarks of the app on your photos, you need the Lightroom MOD APK download without a watermark. 

This version can hide watermarks and provide a more professional look to your photos. You can also try the Capcat MOD APK to edit and export photos without a watermark.

High-Quality Export

After editing your photos in Lightroom, you can export them into your gallery or share them with others. In the MOD version, you will get some advanced photo export options. You get a high-resolution export option. This high-quality feature adds a professional touch to your photos.  You can put your edited photos on the status of your WhatsApp Gold APK. 

No Login Required

The simple version of Lightroom asks you to log in to use the app. This can be uncomfortable for some people concerned about their login data. The Lightroom MOD APK facilitates them for this problem. The modded version does not require you to log in. You can click the cross button at the top of the login window. Install the latest modded version and start enjoying the editing without any login. 

Ads Free

Say Goodbye to the disturbing ads on the screen while editing your photo, thanks to the modded version of Lightroom. Appearance of Advertisements while you are editing your photos can be an unpleasant moment. The Lightroom MOD APK no ads feature comes with an ads-blocked feature. It streamlines your work and also saves time. 


Yes, the modded version we are presenting is entirely safe to use. It does not contain files that harm your device. It will never ask you about personal details. You can install it without any confusion.

You need to get the Lightroom MOD APK download without a watermark version from the given Download button. It has a feature to remove watermarks from your edited photos.

Yes, the modded version is available for free on our website.

The Lightroom APK version we provide on our website has all the features and presets unlocked. You do not need to spend money to buy them. 


People love to share photos and videos on their social media platforms. They use editors like Kinemaster MOD APK for video editing and Lightroom MOD APK for photo editing. The lightroom helps individuals to edit and share their photos conveniently. Sharing professionally edited photos can get more likes and love on your social media. Now, the editing has become simple and easy.  

We are providing the latest modded version on our website with all the premium features unlocked. The app is free and safe to install. Get it from the download button and enjoy editing your photos enthusiastically. 

5/5 (2 Votes)
5/5 (2 Votes)