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Are you getting bored of playing old, boring games and want to try a stunning and exciting adventure? Then you have to choose the right game for you. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an interesting game that the Wizarding World influences. Jam City developed it. If you are a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, then give this game a try. Let’s explore the article and get to know about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Harry Potter MOD APK.

NameHarry Potter Mod APK
DeveloperJam City
RequiresAndroid 5.0 +
Size131 MB
Update On21 November 2023
5/5 (2 Votes)

What is Harry Potter APK?

Harry Potter APK is a fascinating single-player game that takes you into the world of spells and witches. It is a game that is based on a famous fictional Harry Potter novel. For those who have read this remarkable novel, it’s time to get into the world of magic. It is a super cool game, and it will take you to the life of Hogwarts. While exploring the magical world in Harry Potter MOD APK, why not dive into the action-packed adventures of Sonic Forces MOD APK as well?

In this game, you will get to experience the exciting and magical world of wizards as a student. You will unravel the mysteries, learn to cast spells, make friends, and much more. You can also install and play the Candy Crush MOD APK to solve different puzzles. It is a recommended game for all Harry Potter lovers. This game serves the purpose of sharpening your investigation skills because the dramatic story is full of mysteries and challenges.

What is Harry Potter MOD APK?

Harry Potter MOD APK version provides you with all the fascinating features that are limited in the Harry Potter APK version. In the MOD version, you can easily get the rewards and money. You don’t have to worry about the tasks and requirements. The modded version has made it easier for you to achieve the game goals in a short period. 

You will get all the in-game purchases for free that you can access easily without paying. The Harry Potter MOD APK version offers you many premium features that make your game more interesting.


The features that make the Harry Potter APK an adventurous game are discussed below.

Create The Main Character

Harry Potter APK enables its users to create the main character according to their desires. The game provides an environment to customize your character at the beginning of the gameplay. So you need to take time and create a perfect one for you.

Harry Potter Mod APK

Enter The Wizarding World

This game gives you an entrance into the fascinating wizarding world. Players get to experience the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can play different challenges like quidditch challenges to win exciting rewards. The theme of this game is not just horror and mystery. It is full of excitement and entertainment.

Choose Hogwarts House

Choosing and customizing characters is fun. Imagine choosing the Hogwarts House according to your preference. Four houses include Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. Each house has its player specifications. Each house offers a different magic to the players. So it’s up to you whether you want to be the loyal Hufflepuff or Brave Gryffindor.

Harry Potter Mod APK

Make new friends 

Having good company, like friends, increases entertainment. The adventures of the Hogwarts house become more interesting when a friend accompanies you. You can make many new friends, including the familiar characters like Ben Copper and Bill Weasley. But be careful; not everyone will become your friend. Some could be your enemies, too; choose wisely!

Characters Customization

This game feature allows you to customize the skin, hair, and dress of your characters. Customization becomes fun when you get a lot of options to change according to your preferences. Having your personalized characters makes a player confident.

Harry Potter Mod APK

3D Graphics

Harry Potter is by far one of the best fictional stories that shows enchanting magic spells and a wizard world. To keep up those magical elements, this game is built using 3D format. The 3D format presents the mysterious and magical world of Harry Potter more accurately. It becomes exciting for the users playing for the first time. If you want to get a unique experience with pixelated graphics, install the Minecraft MOD APK.

Form Alliances and Rivalries

As mentioned above, you have the choice to make new friends in this game. You can build acquaintances with students, teachers, and other characters in the game. You can form alliances as much as you want, but keep in mind that only alliances are not going to play a part. Your chance of making alliances can turn into forming rivalries that can twist the storyline.

Decorate your Dorm Room

Customizing characters may be an old thing for you, but customizing your dorm room sounds like an interesting task. You can decorate your dorm room however you want. This game has interesting items like magical furniture to make your dorm room like your favorite Harry Potter theme. To unlock the items, you have to complete the mission and get rewards.

Events and Special Quests

Limited-time quests are offered in this game that contain exciting challenges and amazing rewards. You can participate in different events and keep yourself engaged in fresh, magical activities.

MOD Features

The premium features that you will get after installing the Harry Potter MOD APK from the following download button are as follows:

Harry Potter Mod APK

Unlimited Notebooks

This game will take you to the world of school. To unlock unique powers like powerful spells, unique pets, and rare potions, you need precious notebooks. To get the unlimited notebooks, you need to get the Harry Potter MOD version, as notebooks are limited in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

Unlimited Gems

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has some limited numbers of gems. Gems are considered as the in-game premium currency that is used to buy different items in the game. The Harry Potter MOD APK version has brought you access to unlimited gems.

Unlimited Energy

Some games have built the step in such a way that all the tasks are energy-dependent. No energy means you can’t complete any task. Harry Potter MOD APK provides unlimited energy to get tasks done easily without waiting for the energy to recover.

Harry Potter Mod APK

MOD Money

One of the likable features of everyone is MOD money. You need coins to make in-game purchases. The Harry Potter MOD APK version has unlimited coins to make the purchases easier for the player. You don’t have to worry about task completion to get the coins.

Automatic and Manual Progress Save Option

The Harry Potter MOD APK allows you to save your progress. It has an automatic and manual progress save option, which means your Harry Potter progress is saved automatically, too. You do not need to click the save button manually by yourself every.

No country lock

Some countries restrict playing the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Still, the Harry Potter MOD APK version has removed this restriction and made it easier for every region player to install and fill their jar of entertainment with this interesting game.

No cheat detection

If you use a cheat code in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, there is a chance of getting caught. But when you are playing the Harry Potter MOD APK version, you can use any cheat code without the fear of being caught.

Safe To Install

Usually, Modded versions are not safe to install, but our Harry Potter Mod APK version is the safest, like our PK XD MOD APK. So don’t worry about your data and phone. It is not harmful.


Yes, our Harry Potter MOD APK is safe to install, and it will not invade your privacy. So you can download it with comfort and confidence and enjoy its exciting features.

No, the modded version has blocked all the ads for comfort and to streamline the user’s experience. 


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an amazing, adventurous, and mysterious game for those people who love to play horror and mystery-solving games. The amazing 3D graphics of this game enhance the user experience. The Harry Potter MOD APK version covers all the premium features that are not available in the APK version. To get the premium features, download the Harry Potter MOD APK from our website by clicking on the download button and get ready to start a new wizardry journey.

5/5 (2 Votes)
5/5 (2 Votes)