A few years ago, most games were played on computers. But the trend has changed nowadays. Now, people like to play action games on their smartphones that enable them to play wherever and whenever they want. A large collection of action games is available over the internet, but no one can gain as much popularity as GTA Vice City. 

NameGTA Vice City MOD APK
DeveloperRockstar Games
RequiresAndroid 7.0+
Size10.8 MB
MOD InfoUnlimited Money and ammo
Updated On22 November 2023
5/5 (2 Votes)

GTA Vice City APK

GTA Vice City is the most popular game played by people of each age. This game was developed in 2002 by Rockstar Games. It is an adventure and action game. This game has an environment similar to the real world. There are different cities that you can visit. You can participate in different missions to enjoy the thrill of the game.


The story of the game revolves around the gangsters, and the player has to fulfill tasks and missions assigned by the gangsters. There are various roads, weapons, and vehicles in the game that you can use to fulfill missions. You will get rewards after finishing the challenges and missions.


Users can unlock many more things and possibilities than the normal game, which increases their excitement about the gameplay. They get the source of unlimited money in this modded version. You can unlock all the new powerful weapons and vehicles in the game. 

You have the freedom to explore the world, do what you want, and take what you like. You can take bikes and cars of other citizens. You are like the ruler or boss of the city.

Features Of GTA Vice City APK


The game is played worldwide and provides a large number of features. Its amazing features make it a favorite game of players of all time. Some features of GTA Vice City are:

Exciting Gameplay

GTA Vice City is a game of adventure and thrill. There is always excitement in the players while playing this game. They can complete their missions. They can also explore their city and visit other neighboring cities. They can enjoy anything they want without any restrictions. All this stuff adds an exciting adventure for the players to enjoy. Looking for a change of pace? Dive into the limitless world of creativity with our article on Minecraft MOD APK, or continue your thrilling adventure in GTA Vice City.

Explore The City And Maps

The game provides a realistic map for the guidance of the user. Users can go anywhere in the game world. They can visit other cities, areas, and streets with no restrictions. The map is huge and has different amazing places to explore. Try Pokemon Go MOD APK to experience real-world map exploration in the game. You have the option to skip your main mission if you want to enjoy visiting and exploring the city and maps.

Fight Battles

The game provides an enjoyable experience to the players that they can participate in fights. They require weapons to conquer the fight. Players can use different weapons, strategies, and vehicles to fight against enemies. You will get rewards once you have won the battle. If you have a craving for this type of fighting and battle game, you must try Clash of Clans MOD APK.

Missions And Quests

GTA Vice City MOD APK is a game of endless excitement because of its different missions. Players have to face a new challenge after completing one mission. In the beginning, missions are easy and become difficult gradually as you progress in the game. So, you will not bored in the gameplay as new challenges are waiting for you to chase. It creates excitement in the players to complete a mission to get a new one.


People love to play this game due to its wide collection of different cars. You can drive racing cars, Utility Cars, ambulances, Emergency vehicles, vans, buses, trucks, bikes, and scooters. You also can enjoy driving boats of different styles and sizes in the sea. The game provides more than 100 different types of vehicles. If you are getting bored driving the same car, you can change the car. You can also try the Car Parking Multiplayer 2 MOD APK if you are interested in car racing and parking.


You can use different advanced weapons in the game according to your desire. There are ammunition, which are weapon shops in the game. You can visit there and purchase new different weapons like Thrown Weapons, Shotguns, Handguns, Submachine GunsMelee, Weapons, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, etc. You can also get some advanced and powerful weapons like Rocket Launcher, M60, and more.

Freedom Of Action

You are not restricted to completing the missions in a given time. The game gives you a free hand to go anywhere and do anything you want. It depends upon you. If you want to complete the game, you can. You may walk and drive on the roads and visit different areas, malls, and buildings without completing the mission. You can drive any vehicle you want. There are several easy side missions that you can complete if you are not in the mood to follow the main mission. 



The feature of GTA Vice City MOD APK that makes it popular amoung the players is its stunning graphics. Players feel like they are in a real city while playing the game. You will see a lot of characters, citizens, vehicles, and buildings in the game. The graphics of the game add excitement to the gameplay. Buildings are well structured, and the vehicles are designed as real-world vehicles.

MOD Features Of GTA Vice City APK

MOD features of the game allow users to enjoy more excitement and fun in the game. Many features of GTA Vice City MOD APK make the gameplay easier and more enjoyable. Some of these MOD features are given below.

Unlimited Money

In-game money is used to buy different vehicles, weapons, and much more stuff like that. You need to complete different challenging tasks and missions to earn money in a simple version. It can be a slow process to unlock all the things. If you want to get all the things at the beginning of your gameplay, you can use GTA Vice City MOD APK (unlimited everything). This version gives you an unlimited source of money. So you don’t need to worry about the shortage of money.

Infinite Ammo

In GTA Vice City MOD APK, you don’t need to worry about the shortage of ammo. You will get the benefit of infinite ammo in this game. You can fire simultaneously on the enemies.  All you need is to install the MOD version, and you will be free of thoughts about the vanishing of ammo. 

Bought All The Property

In the game, you can buy different properties as assets. But in the official version, you need to fulfill difficult tasks and challenges to earn money for buying properties. GTA Vice City MOD APK (unlimited money and health download) helps you with unlimited money, and you can buy all the properties of the city easily, even at the start of the gameplay.

Passed All the Missions

There may be difficulty for someone to complete the missions in the simple version of the game. But GTA Vice City MOD APK helps you to unlock all the missions with no effort. Some may prefer challenges in the game, while others may require an easy way to play the game. You can pass all the missions easily using the MOD version.

GTA Vice City MOD APK For PC

Games were played on PC a few years ago. Now, the gaming trend has shifted to the smartphones. GTA Vice City free download for Android is specially developed for Android devices. If you want to enjoy the gameplay of this MOD version on your PC, you can use an emulator like BlueStacks on your PC. 

An emulator is software used to display the functionality of one device on another device. You can play your Android game GTA Vice City on your PC using this software.

How To Play GTA Vice City MOD APK

GTA Vice City provides a stunning gameplay experience. Following are the general guidelines to play the game effectively:

  • Firstly, install the game by using the Download button given below.
  • Control the movement of your character using on-screen controls. The controls control a virtual joystick for movement and different buttons for jumping, running, etc.
  • Go through the city to visit different areas. Follow the map to explore new places.
  • GTA Vice City is based on various missions. You can participate in missions to earn money and rewards.
  • Meet with other characters in the game for various purposes. Different characters may be part of your mission. Work with them for a better experience. 
  • Take part in different battles with your gang. Use weapons to protect yourself and to kill enemies. Use on-screen weapon controls to aim and shoot.
  • Follow the mission instructions carefully and complete the mission to earn rewards and money.
  • Money is an important asset in the game. It is used to access unique weapons, vehicles, and items. Properly manage your money and assets for a better experience.
  • There are different side activities available in the game except man missions. These activities or challenges provide extra enjoyment and rewards. Complete these activities to get more money.


Yes, if you are playing this game in single-player mode, you can enjoy it offline, too.

Yes, the GTA Vice City MOD APK is also free to install and use. If you want to get it freely, you can download it from the Download button given below.

In the GTA Vice City MOD APK, you can get unlimited money to buy weapons, vehicles, and other items. You also get infinite Ammoin this version, and this version has blocked all the unnecessary ads for a better experience for the player.

GTA Vice City MOD APK game is especially for Android users. You can install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC to enjoy this game on PC.

No, never you won’t have to pay a single dime over this application. Download the app on your smart devices and enjoy the unlimited features that this app brings you. 


GTA Vice City MOD APK download is an all-time favorite game of players. Its unique features make it more exciting and addictive. It has many missions, each with a unique challenge and enjoyment. There are many cars to drive and weapons to use in fighting with others. So download this amazing game from the Download button given below and enter the world of unparalleled enjoyment. If you are going to try this game for the first time, the guidelines given in this article may be very beneficial for you.

5/5 (2 Votes)
5/5 (2 Votes)