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The Craft of Survival is an RPG game that gives the power to players to live in medieval times. As a player, your role in the game is of a gladiator who is on the run from the soldiers. Your job is to kill the soldiers that are following you to kill you. During the process, the players encounter different challenges and tasks that they need to perform in order to continue with the game. Players assume the role of a gladiator evading pursuing soldiers, much like the challenges presented in games like Dead Raid.

Further, the players have the option to customize their characters. There are three options available for players to choose from. Now, you can proceed in the game as a human being, being an elf, or you can become a half-orc, and in the end, you can change to a dark elf. Every character comes with unique features and attributes.

Further, with each passing level of the game, the players learn additional skills and magic to conquer more and level up. Download the game and enjoy the best dark world game that consists of magic, powerful weapons, citadels, and towers to eliminate the threats from the constant attacking enemies.

NameCraft Of Survival Mod Apk
Developer101XP LIMITED
RequiresAndroid 5.0 +
Size1.5 GB
Root requiredNo
In-app purchasesNo
SecuritySecure App
Personal information requiredNo
MOD InfoOn Hit, Durability, Defence, High Physical, Unlocked Magic
Updated3 August 2023
Best For13 + years
5/5 (2 Votes)



In Craft of Survival Mod Apk, the players have the option to select the hero of their choice. In this section, we will talk about the available avatars. Each player has the opportunity to choose among human beings: an elf, a half-orc, or a dark elf. Each hero comes with unique powers, skills, and abilities to fight. Further, these heroes can increase their skills during the gameplay and allow the players to counter more powerful enemies.


Craft Of Survival Mod Apk

Craft Of Survival Free Craft Mod is an action-RPG game that comes with a dynamic combat system. The game empowers its players with skills and combinations that would allow them to survive in the game. Further, survival during the game is based on victories.

The game boasts a multiplayer option for the players to enjoy the game. In this way, the players team up with different players of the game and fight against evil bosses.

Unlimited Money

Craft Of Survival Mod Unlimited Money feature gives access to the players to enjoy unlimited sums of money right from the beginning of the game. With this feature, the player won’t have to wait for long in order to gain the sum of money to purchase additional supplies for building the base. Furthermore, unlimited money allows the players to seek additional upgrades in weapons, skills, and other aspects of the game.

Unlocked weapons

Unlocked weapons

This modded version of the Craft Of Survival Mod Apk Blackmod game gives access to all the weapons of the game. With this weaponry, the players of the game have the power to fight their enemies and stay stronger in the game in order to eliminate the bosses who keep on coming to attack them from time to time.

Unlimited supplies 

Craft Of Survival Mod Apk (Free Shopping) feature allows the players to enjoy an unlimited supply of additional supplies. These supplies are crucial for building your city, raising the defenses, and building an army that is loyal to you and your cause. These resources include wood, stone, meat, metal, leather, and vegetables. Now, you don’t have to waste your time searching for these additional resources to build your fortress and walls so that you may be able to raise your army against the invading forces.

Unlimited challenges

During the gameplay for this Craft Survival Multiplayer Mod Apk, players will go through various challenges. The developers of the game design these challenges to increase your leadership, fighting, and management skills. On the other hand, with these challenges, you will be able to cope with your enemies in the game.

Welcome to the dark world

dark world

This is a complete game regarding features, aspects, prospects, and gameplay. The players have the option of constructing and crafting additional weapons and building. They have to combat unlimited enemies, and there are numerous adventures that this game is going to take you. Moreover, some zombies and enemies will give you a constant threat during the gameplay. Furthermore, dungeon conflicts will require additional skills to counter the game’s obstacles.

How To Install Craft of Survival Mod Apk

Here are some steps to allow you to install the game on your smartphone easily. You need to follow these instructions in order to enjoy a seamless process.

  • Once the downloading process is complete, you need to go to the storage section of your smartphone.
  • There will be a folder of your game with the name of the game.
  • Click on the folder and enter it into the folder.
  • There is a file in the storage section named Install the game.
  • Click on the file, and the installation process of the game begins.
  • After the installation process begins, the wizard will ask you for some permissions.
  • Allow these permissions to install the game successfully.
  • After the game installation is complete, the installation wizard will go away.
  • Go to the desktop of your smartphone.
  • There is an icon for the game.
  • Click on the icon, and your game is ready to enjoy.

Please Note: This process for downloading the game may differ from the experience you have downloading any game from the Google Play store.

The Craft of Survival Mod Apk Gameplay

Craft Of Survival Mod Apk offers the players to build a haven for themselves. This safe heaven will keep you safe from the attacks your enemies are planning against you. During the gameplay, if the players need to gear up their levels, then they need to gather different resources like wood, metal, stone, meat, leather, and vegetables.

Craft Of Survival Mod Apk

During Craft of Survival Mod Apk, the players must select additional skills that will let the players unlock and combine materials for weapons. Furthermore, the players need to go out for the daily quests expedition, and in this process, they will gain bonus and reward benefits. There is one thing you need to know: this game needs to be connected to your mobile data or your WiFi network so that you can enjoy the gameplay.

In the end, this game allows the players to enjoy the gameplay in multiplayer mode. In this way, you will combine the powers and fight against mutual enemies.


The Craft of Survival Mod Apk falls under the action genre developed by 101XP LIMITED. This medieval game lets you enjoy the old times when everything was settled with swords. Assume the role of a running gladiator who faces hardships during the gameplay that he counters with the help of the premium features the game has to offer.

The games and apps offered are free from viruses and Trojans. This means these game or app files are entirely secure and safe to operate on your Android-enabled smartphones. Further, they won’t harm your smartphones in any way.

No, the game developers have designed the game in a manner that it will never ask for your personal information, not even your email, to gain access to the game.

The complete downloading process for the game offers a seamless process. All you have to do is click on the download button, and with this, you will be able to get the file on your smartphone.

Yes, this game is free to play. There is nothing you have to pay to play this game or to download this game.

Yes, this game is secure and does not require users to root their Android smartphones.

No, this RPG action game requires a constant, uninterrupted internet connection so that the players can enjoy the game. Now, you have to connect to your mobile data or your WiFi network so that you can enjoy the gameplay.


Craft Of Survival Mod Apk is a game that offers premium access to the game. The feature that is featured for the players in this premium version includes unlimited gold, silver, and magic. Further, features of the game include an ad-free experience, no in-app purchases, and create your unique heroes that come with special powers. The game offers a dynamic multiplayer gaming experience that lets the players create their world and fight against the enemies that are against them.

To enjoy the medieval age and the time that others lived in, then download the game and enjoy the game on your smartphone.

5/5 (2 Votes)
5/5 (2 Votes)