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Sick of the same boring and frustrating routine? Try playing an Android simulation game. Simulation games are fun to play to kick the boredom out of your life. If you are a cooking freak then the cooking diary apk is the right suggestion for you. The theme of this game is to build restaurants and cafes and cook delicious recipes.

NameCooking Diary
RequiresAndroid 5.0 +
Size558 MB
Mod InfoUnlimited Money And Gems
Updated On21 November 2023

And if you are already playing this game and want to switch to the Cooking Diary APK version, then you’ve come up to the right place. You can also try another simulation game, Worldbox MOD APK. Explore this article and get to know about the exciting features of Cooking Diary APK and the Cooking Diary APK version.

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What is a Cooking Diary APK?

Cooking Diary APK is an amazing cooking game that will take you to the city of epic cooking adventures. This game can be played by all groups ages from teenagers to adults and has a broad audience from all over the globe. Cooking Diary is available on both Android and iOS, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on your device. 

If you’re passionate about restaurant management games that go beyond the ordinary, you’ll also appreciate the dynamic challenges of Cooking Diary Mod APK, where you not only cook and serve but also dive into restaurant design and fashion to create an appealing dining experience in the bustling Tasty Hills, much like the engaging gameplay in My Cafe Mod APK

What is Cooking Diary Mod APK?

Cooking Diary is an incredible game where you can perform as a chef and as a restaurant manager. You will get rewards for completing the challenges. To become a great restaurant owner and to create culinary masterpieces get the Cooking Diary APK version for yourself. The Cooking Diary APK version has unlimited exciting features for you that are restricted in the Cooking Diary APK. To get the modified version for free, download it from our website by clicking on the download button below and enjoy playing.


Best Tasty Restaurant and Cafe Game

The Cooking Diary game is a different game from the rest of the cooking games available. The mere purpose of this game is not only to serve the customers but it also to focus on the environment and management of the restaurant and cafe. This game is an award-winning Android game that makes it one of the best tasty restaurant and cafe games in the town. 

Exquisite Culinary Delights

The Cooking Diary allows you to add more dishes and drinks to the game to diversify the menu. You can cook various delicious recipes from Asian cuisine to mouth-watering Italian cuisine. You have to proceed in the game and unlock the change to add the dishes of your own choice. A diverse cuisine attracts a variety of customers. Every customer can order according to their taste.

Interactive Storyline

The storyline of this game is interactive and engaging that appeals to the players to immerse in the game. You can interact with the customers and your competitors. The interactive storyline of this game adds context to the game. It is one of the ways to keep the fun and entertainment alive. 

Team Management

When you are opening a restaurant, you are not the only person to deal with everything. You need a chef to cook delicious foods, waiters to serve and other staff members to look over the restaurant. So it’s your responsibility to manage the team by training them and assigning tasks. A well-managed team will lead to the success of your restaurant.

Cooking Competitions

Cooking Diary Mod APK

Dive into the cooking competitions and test your culinary talents. Show your cooking skills and let the judges decide. If you are successful in captivating the judges, it will increase your rank to get the crown of a culinary champion. It also polishes the competitive environment of the game.

Time Management Challenges

When you feel hungry, you want something to eat as soon as possible. That’s the core theme of this game which allows the user to complete the time-based tasks. Whenever a customer arrives, you need to fulfill his order in the limited time given to you. You have to deal with multiple orders at a time, so speed up and don’t let your customer return hungry and empty handed.

Social Interactions

Cooking, eating, and socializing in one place? Seems a great idea. Now you can connect with your friends and even other players from around the globe. Socialize with your friends inside the game, share gifts, join cooking clubs, and take part in challenges together to experience a storing social bonding.

Meet the Needs of Customers

Your customers are your key to unlocking the game. In the whole game theme of Cooking Diary, your customers are the most important factor. Pay attention to what your customers need, fulfill their orders timely, and let them leave with satisfactory remarks for you. 

Restaurant Customization

You can customize your restaurant the way you like it. Food is the second thing but the aesthetics of your restaurant are going to attract the customers. Customers prefer to go to places that please their eyes. You can use your designing skills and make your restaurant by far the best-looking and aesthetic restaurant in the town.

Graphics and Sound

This game is built with visually appealing graphics to give it an attractive look. The quality of the game is not less than the other games. The beautiful graphics of this game bring the restaurant to life. How can you continue playing when you are not getting the attractive vibes from the game? To enhance the user’s expense, developers have given this game amazing graphics and soothing sound effects.

Mod Features

Cooking Diary Mod APK

Cooking Diary Mod Menu

To unlock the exciting options in the game and get hands-on with the customization choices and bonuses, the Cooking Diary MOD APK has introduced a menu feature for the players.  Now you can adjust the standard of your levels, activate the powers, and find new ways to define your skills. In a similar fashion, just like the Cooking Diary MOD APK enhances your gaming experience, you can also explore new levels of fun and excitement with the customization options in our article about Bubble Witch Saga 3 MOD APK.

Unlimited Rubies and Money

Do you want to expand your culinary empire but don’t have enough rubies and money? Don’t worry, the Cooking Diary MOD APK has shown generosity for the players and brought a modified version that includes unlimited rubies and money. You don’t have to bind yourself to limited resources to achieve your target.

100% Ad-Free

It’s time to say goodbye to irritating ads with our Cooking Diary MOD APK version. Now you can enjoy playing your game without the ads popping on your screen.

Unlimited Diamonds and Gems

Gems and Diamonds are valuable in-game currency and allow the player to progress further and unlock the premium items. The Cooking Diary MOD APK has brought free and unlimited diamonds and gems to you. Now you can upgrade your restaurants, get rare ingredients for special menu items, and build the restaurant of your dreams.

Golden Ticket

To unlock the valuable opportunities in the game you need a golden ticket. With the help of Golden Ticket, you can have access to delicious and rare food items, unique rewards, and special events. You can dive into the world of limitless possibilities by getting the golden ticket in our Cooking Diary MOD APK version. 

Unlimited Everything

Put all the restrictions aside and upgrade your game with the Cooking Diary APK version that contains unlimited everything. Now you don’t have to worry about your in-game currency or any of the ingredients. You will get everything at your disposal with this modified version. So immerse yourself in an amazing culinary adventure and reach the height of success by accomplishing your tasks easily in our Cooking Diary MOD APK version.

What’s New?

The game keeps updating and comes up with new features and activities every time. The new update has come up with the following new features:

Food Truck Fun

Serving in the restaurants is all fun but now make it more exciting with the food trucks. Now you can operate your own food truck and serve your unique set of dishes on the roadside. Enjoy the fun of roadside business.

Tasty Hills Secrets

Now you will get a chance to uncover the mysterious stories of the Tasty Hills. These secrets are a great addition to the storyline of the Cooking Diary. Uncover the secrets and win exciting rewards.

New Restaurants

It’s time to move forward and unlock new restaurants with different settings, themes, decorations, and menu items. New restaurants will attract more customers and it will expand your culinary portfolio.

Embark on a Fall Adventure

Fall is around the corner, so join the spooky journey in the Cooking Diary and embark on a fall adventure.


Yes, Cooking Diary supports the iOs platform and you can download it from the Apple App Store.

You can download Cooking Diary on Android 5.0 or higher to experience smooth gameplay.

Yes, our Cooking Diary MOD APK is free of ads so you can enjoy it without any interruption.


Cooking Diary is overall an interesting game that immerses the player in different activities like cooking, and managing restaurants, with an interactive storyline. You get a chance to test your time management, team management, restaurant customization, and creative and culinary skills all in a single game. Serve the customers and complete challenges to upgrade your levels. To get endless features and unlimited surprises, download the Cooking Diary APK version today and build the restaurant empire in this exciting game. 

5/5 (1 Votes)
5/5 (1 Votes)