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Are you looking for tools that can level up your visuals and turn your imagination to reality? Alight Motion Mod Apk stands out as a remarkable app for creating motion graphics and editing videos, receiving praise from users worldwide. But let’s go beyond the ordinary and explore the exciting world of possibilities offered by the Alight Motion Mod APK.

With this modified version, you unlock a bunch of incredible features that make your creative adventure even more exciting. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this version so awesome for anyone who loves making things look super cool and fun! To know some tips and tricks, scroll till end.

NameAlight Motion Mod Apk
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
GenresVideo & Image Editor
RequiresAndroid 6.0 +
Size126 MB
Updated On30 December 2023
5/5 (4 Votes)

What is Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Pro is the definitive choice for creators seeking unparalleled versatility in video editing. Boasting an extensive array of professional-grade tools and features, this intuitive platform empowers users to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life with precision and style. Whether crafting intricate animations or refining video content, Alight Motion Pro offers seamless functionality and unparalleled control, making it the ultimate solution for achieving professional-quality results on the go.

Why Alight Motion Mod APK?

You might be wondering why to get the modified version when you already have the original version available on Google Play Store. Well, it’s time to break the boundaries with powerful unlocked features that are not available in the original mobile app. It’s like having a supercharged tool at your disposal that is ready to turn your imagination and your ideas into captivating visual stories.

MOD Features

The details of features that this splendid application brings for its users are enlisted below.

Significant Color

Video color plays a crucial role in setting the mood and context, and with Alight Motion Pro’s color and highlight effects, users can easily tailor the color scheme to their liking, whether for an entire video or a single scene. Additionally, editors have the flexibility to fine-tune individual colors throughout the clip with specialized tools.

Adjust Aspect Ratio

You can change and set the aspect ratio for the video according to your requirements. In other apps, this feature is limited to two or three ratios. But when it comes to Alight Motion Mod Apk 5.0.0, you can now enjoy from 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, and 4:3.

User-Friendly GUI

The graphic user interface of Alight Motion is very user-friendly. Once you have logged into the app, it will automatically provide instructions for you. You don’t have to consult Google or YouTube to search the app’s features.

No Watermark On Images Or Videos

Watermarks look weird on your stunning images and videos. They steal the spotlight and the focus. The Alight Motion Mod APK makes sure that your masterpieces don’t get ruined with the watermarks. This version gives you the stage to showcase your creativity and artistic brilliance without taking any credit. You will get a similar experience to  Kinemaster Mod Apk.

There are no certain steps that you need to perform to get rid of the watermark in the app. All you have to do is import your image or video into the mod app, and there will be no watermark.

Ad-Free Experience

Have you ever been in the middle of creating something awesome, and then suddenly, an ad pops up, interrupting your flow? Not with the Alight Motion Mod APK! It’s like having a smooth, interruption-free ride on a creative rollercoaster offering a similar experience to Picsart MOD APK. No more ads will get in the way of your ideas.

You can now be more focused on your editing process and make your projects amazing without any distractions. It’s time to change your hassles to a seamless, ad-free experience

Over 2000 Free Fonts

Text sets the tone of the video and looks cooler when you use a variety of attractive fonts. Alight Motion Mod APK brings limitless font choices as your imagination. Are you ready to change your text from ordinary to extraordinary? More than 2000 unlocked fonts like Roboto, Montserrat, Lato, Open Sans, Arial, and many others are available in this mod version that gives you the power to experiment, express, and create inspiring visuals without paying a single penny.

Unlimited saves

Now you have the power to save your work at any time and any stage. Simply click on the save button and all the work you have performed on your videos and images is saved for Android. This incredible feature helps you to save your work whenever you want and the continue again from where you left.

No Rooting/Jailbreak

Your Alight Motion app is root-enabled. With this, there is no need for iOS-operating device users to jailbreak their devices to operate them.

Chroma Key

With the help of the chroma key feature, you can modify a specific color and replace it with any color you want or like. You can effortlessly operate this feature in Alight Motion Mod APK and replace a background with an image or video of your choice, adding a touch of professionalism to your creations. Whether you’re creating a vlog or a visually striking video, Chroma Key empowers you to transport your audience to any setting you desire.

Tips and Tricks for Creativity

Being a creator and editor, you always need some tips and tricks that can help you to be more efficient in your work. Go through the tips given below and make sure to follow them so you can leave others behind.

Master the Basics

Before start using the advanced features, understand the basics of the app. Learn the simple features, have a strong grip on them then move to the advanced features. A strong foundation is key to unlocking the full potential of Alight Motion.

Experiment with Keyframes

Are you someone who loves animations? Then, mastering keyframes will make you pro at animations. This fundamental technique allows you to control the motion and timing of your elements, adding a dynamic touch to your creations.

Incredible Effects

The blend mode plays with the colors and tones. It helps you to determine how the colors and tones of one layer combine with the layer beneath it, resulting in a variety of visual effects. Each blend mode has a specific formula for combining colors that affect the final appearance of the layers. You can improve your visuals by experimenting with blend modes. Create stunning effects that will add depth and complexity to your projects.

Utilize Masking Techniques

Who doesn’t want precise edits? You can enhance the precision of your edits by excelling masking. This technique enables you to selectively reveal or hide portions of your layers, giving you unmatched control over your composition.

Requirements Of This Application

This Alight Motion Mod APK 2023 app is designed to edit videos and provide stunning editing features for your images. This app is destined for Android users. And for this reason, the majority of the portion is to provide ease for users.

On the contrary, this app was later released for iOS operating devices as well. However, the major part of the app business comes from Android users. In addition, to this, we bring you some of the facts and hardware compatibility aspects so that before installing, the users must have those in their mind.

ProcessorQuad-Core Processor
RAMMinimum 4 GB or Higher
Storage capacityMust be 220 MB
OS versionAndroid 6.0 or above
Permissions requiredAccess to storage, Gallery, and editing


The recent version of the application is With this being said, this app keeps updating itself.

The size of this app is 126 MB. 

Yes, this app offers premium features, meaning there will be no in-app purchases.

This Alight Motion Mod APK Download is in the English language.

There are two ways to eliminate watermarks in Alight Motion Mod APK. Either you can purchase the premium version of the app. On the other hand, you need to download the modded version of Alight Motion. Either way, you will be able to eliminate all watermarks from your images and videos.

No, never you won’t have to pay a single dime over this application. Download the app on your smart devices and enjoy the unlimited features that this app brings you. 

Yes, this Alight Motion Mod Apk Premium Unlocked is a safe app for operating.

No, this Alight Motion is suitable for every smart device. It ranges from Android to iOS, tablets, PCs and smartphones.


Alight Motion Mod APK is an efficient, fast, and reliable animation and graphics creation. With its premium and unlocked features, it provides you with a platform to paint your imagination into reality. You can save your images and videos in HD quality.

The diverse library of 2000+ fonts and no watermark feature sets you free from the boundaries. The pro tip here for you is to experiment, explore, and push your creative boundaries. Your masterpieces are waiting– are you ready to bring them to life? So, click the download button and enjoy free editing.

5/5 (4 Votes)
5/5 (4 Votes)